Simplicity: Essays
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Simplicity: Essays

by Millburn & Nicodemus
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About the Book

The best of The Minimalists, a collection of their most important collaborative writings. Simplicity: Essays is The Minimalists’ fifth book and second essay collection, a follow-up to their bestselling book Essential Essays.

In the two years since the authors quit their six-figure corporate jobs and embraced simpler lives, they have written more than 200 essays on the subject of simple living. Simplicity: Essays serves as a “best of” collection for their most important collaborative writings.

This 152-page book contains 46 edited and revised essays about living a meaningful life with less stuff, including “Getting Rid of Gifts,” “Asking Friends & Family to Embrace Change,” and “I Am Not the Center of the Universe.” It also includes a special forward by The Minimalists and two unpublished essays that can’t be found anywhere else: “Simplicity” and “The Worst Christmas Ever.”

The order of the essays in this collection is deliberate; they are meant to be read in sequence from beginning to end. Doing so will result in an experience that is different from reading these essays individually throughout the web, connecting various concepts that may otherwise seem unconnected.

These essays were written to encourage readers to think critically about the excess in their lives and, ultimately, to take action towards living more intentionally. This collection is short enough to be read in a few sittings, or it can be digested slowly, reading one essay a day for six weeks, applying its principals each day to your own life.


—Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

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