Essential Essays
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Essential Essays

by Millburn & Nicodemus
Debuted #4 on Amazon’s Bestseller List

About the Book

Essential Essays is an edited collection of 29 of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus’s favorite essays about living a more meaningful life with less stuff. This 160-page collection also contains a special forward by Joshua and Ryan, as well as two bonus essays you can’t find anywhere else.

The book is organized into seven interconnected themes: The book is organized into seven interconnected themes: Living in the Moment, Emotional Health, Growth, ContributionPassion and MissionTaking Action, and Change and Experimentation.

The order of this collection is deliberate; it is meant to be read from beginning to end. Doing so will result in a better overall experience—a different experience from reading the essays all over the web—connecting various concepts that might otherwise seem unconnected.

As a special thank you to their readers, the authors also included two unpublished essays in this collection: “Dealing with Overwhelm” and “Focus On What’s Important.” These two essays can’t be found anywhere else on the web.

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